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We didn’t just wake up one morning with a bright idea….We spent 40 years developing brilliant innovations

Since the 1970’s the privately owned research and development facility of Global Aquatics, now Burdette Industries, located in Aberdeen, Maryland searched for ways to grow fish in a profitable manner. Like so many others back in that day our first approach was to start out with ponds to grow catfish and stripped bass. After operating our ten acres of ponds for a couple of years we realized this was not going to be a practical solution to solving the worlds need for a new seafood source.The ponds were too land intensive, labor intensive and with the moderate climate of Maryland we could only grow fish for 1/2 of the year.

By the mid 1980’s there were a handful of people around the world who were beginning to experiment with growing fish indoors in tanks. The founder of Global Aquatics was among them.Like everyone else at the time, we started out with a lot of different tank shapes and designs. Some were large, easy to build round tanks, other were fabricated rectangular tanks of various sizes. The theory being that pretty much all we had to do was to fill the tanks with water, add some fish and  we would grow the fish… And then the trouble began. It seems that fish poop in the water and it does not remove easily.

In the early 1980’s we were the first ones to begin experimenting with aquaponics.  Since that time every one of our systems are designed to be fully aquaponics compatible.

Since those early days we have personally built and operated every new system and component that we have designed. As a result, when you become a client, you can be assured that you will not only get expert advice and consulting help with the equipment and systems, but also with the process of growing your products.  If there is any problem or concern chances are we have seen it or experienced it ourselves and know the cure. Once you become a client our consulting services for you are unlimited. A client will always be our client.

Even if you are just studying about fish farming and aquaponics or doing due diligence please write to us for more information. We do not charge for phones talks. If you have a system now that needs some upgrading or has some issue, call us, maybe we can help you.











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