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Small scale aquaculture/aquaponics systems designed specifically for the first time fish farmer.Introducing the S-2005 system.A professional system you can build yourself at a very low cost

Build it yourself  systems from Burdette Industries can be constructed from local materials. Design plans include fish  and aquaponic systems


Build with concrete or concrete blocks

Build with round poly tanks



Build you own aquaponics


Build with Plywood

Now, you can build a state of the art aquaculture system on your property without paying the hourly cost for a design engineer or consultant. All you do is buy the blueprints. After that, you get free unlimited consulting help from construction to growing the fish.The S-2005 system has been designed at the request of many farmers and small land owners who just want the blueprints and details they need to build a small start up system that can be easily expanded at a later time.This is no toy or gimmick. The design comes from 40 years experience as an aquaculture engineer. All of the components are of proven reliability as are shown on other pages within this website. All of the components can be built from the things you can purchase at Home Depot or other building supply company. In most cases the components are drawn in several different ways to demonstrate different materials they can be constructed of, from plywood, to concrete, to concrete blocks to PVC fittings.What makes this design so unique is, I have taken you back to the prototype. Anything that is manufactured in a factory started out as a prototype. That prototype was usually hand made from basic, readily available materials. After the prototype was proven successful, machine tools were made to reproduce the part in mass quantities and sold at a high retail cost. For instance, the original prototype for our oxygen injector was made completely from PVC fittings. Later special molding was created to reproduce it for the market at a price of about $250.00 per copy. In these drawings I show you how to build the original prototype in your garage for less than $50.00 per copy. It is the same with all of the other components including the bio-filters, plate filters, tanks, and aquaponic growing layout.Ideally the S-2005 fish growing system would be put in a pole barn or other building to protect it from the elements. However, this complete system, including aquaponics, will fit inside a greenhouse measuring 35 feet wide and 150 feet long with sidewalls 8 feet high. However, if you already have a greenhouse that is not quite this size you can scale the design layout to better fit your conditions. If you are a farmer with an empty chicken house or barn, you can rearrange the design layout to fit these needs as well.One other important thing to note:I do not just sell you the plans and then disappear. I am available via phone call or e-mail at anytime to answer any questions you have while under construction at no charge. For a small fee and travel expenses I can even go to your location and assist with the initial layout and can come to you to get the system up and running at the end of construction.


A complete set of blue print size design plans showing in great detail all of the components and how to build them.

Many different layout to chose from to suit your needs. Additional custom layouts and engineering provided to you at no charge.





Detailed Construction manuals and unlimited free consulting help

S-05, S0-9 and S-12 systems
50+ page Business Model


The  design plan set also comes with an extensive 50+page business model loaded with spread sheets and explanations to help you develop your  own business plan from start up to expansion in the future.

Included are the cost analysis for tilapia, striped bass, Barramundi and Shrimp and well as for different aquaponic crops.

Also included is the capital cost analysis for the different fish growing  systems



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