Drum Filters-Self Cleaning


BIDF Drum Filter

Solids filters- SELF CLEANING DRUM FILTER The most popular and efficient type of solids filter for aquaculture systems is the self cleaning drum filter. All S-series systems are designed for either the plate filter or the drum filter and they can be interchanged, so if you begin with a plate filter you can upgrade later by removing the plate filter and putting the drum filter in its place.

Constructed of PVC, this unit can withstand all
water environments, and is easy to keep clean with its
smooth surfaces. Filter is controlled by internal float
switch, so it only runs when it needs to be cleaned. You will not be wasting electricity running during light load times. Filter runs off 110 volts /60 Hertz, and only draws 3 amps when running. The drum is driven by a center drive 110 volt AC single speed motor. These units can be made for either right hand or left hand intakes. Filter is designed with a 6” PVC inlet and dual 6” PVC outlet for maximum flow. Flow rates have been tested up to 300 GPM with 90 micron mesh.

The drum consists of 22 individual screens for ease of replacement. Filter comes with own self-contained back wash pump so screens can be cleaned with the water that has just been filtered. Backwashing consist of
8 nozzles that are .5 GPM each for a total of 2 GPM of water only when running. Unit is design with internal overflow plate, so if the unit is not running due to any failure the water will continue to flow through the filter without shutting down the system.

Burdette Industries drum filters are available in three sizes

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