S-09 Fish Tanks and System





The S-09 sequential modular system is the world’s only pre-engineered turn key system that can be easily expanded from 25,000 lbs.year up to millions of pounds per year or both fresh and salt water fish and shrimp. The S-09 system can supply up to 60,000 sq ft of green houses producing 350,000 of aquaponic vegetables. 

S-99 fish tank the fore runner of the S-09 system









If you have read the history of our evolution found on other pages within this site you understand how we got to this point. As we moved from the massive 200,000 pound per year S-92 to the more compact S-99 we learned that the best way to build a system was to make it as versatile as possible so that all systems from this point forward could be pre-engineered to meet the needs of the small farmer who wanted to start with just a few tanks and at the same time be able to build facilities looking for large annual productions. Using a modular approach we could provide the same highly refined technology for both small systems as well as large ones without having to go back to the drawing board and starting from scratch every time a client came to us with his request for a system design.




To stay within a tight start up budget you could start first with one tank, then add another and another until you had the full 5 tank unit.

Many of our clients build their own tanks using materials such as wood or concrete from our system design plans

Tanks built using plywood from our design plans
Tanks built from concrete or concrete blocks from our design plans

S-09 systems can be purchased as turn key system using our Steel Core tanks.





Because the S-09 is a “Modular” system the 5 tanks units can be added to build the facility up to a large as you want it to be. Using individual 5 tank unit cells allows for the most effective bio security of any system in the world today. The S-09 is fully compatible for aquaponics.

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