Growing crisis in our food production

Every year we hear about shortages of food somewhere in the world due to bad weather and perhaps as a result of climate change.  While climate change is an issue that can not be ignored, there is another more obvious reason that people seem to over look.

That issue is the increasing world population.  One has to ask, “Was the world really designed to be able to support 9 billion humans?  I don’t know the answer to that and will leave that up to philosophers to work out. But I am quite certain about one thing. If the world is going to support this many people we have to start taking advantages of modern day food production methods in controlled environments that depend less on weather trends.

Our oceans are running out of fish, we read reports about crop failure causing food shortages.  One of the best ways to begin to over come these problems is through indoor fish farming and aquaponics.

I have explained most of how this works in my website at   Here is the latest example about how weather has impacted food supply


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