Fish Growing Systems


From small home  units to  high volume fish growing systems, Burdette industries has turnkey and Build it yourself  designs to meet your budget and your needs. 


The S-09 Sequential


The S-09 sequential modular system is the world’s only pre-engineered turn key system that can be easily expanded from 25,000 lbs.year up to millions of pounds per year for both fresh and salt water fish and shrimp. The S-09 system can support up to 60,000 sq ft of green houses,

The S-12 Starter and nursery System.


The S-12 sequential system is the perfect small system for nurseries and start up fish farmers. The 4 tank modular can produce up to 8,000 pounds of fish per year and 100,000 pounds of vegetables in aquaponics production. 

The S-14 small family and educational fish and aquaponics System

2The S-14 small family and hobby system is a great little self contained unit that will fit in a garage or small greenhouse. Coupled with aquaponics it will product 400 pounds of fish per years and about 1500 pounds of fresh aquaponic vegetables per year. 


S-05  Build it yourself design blueprints. 


State of the art pre-engineered design plans that allow you to build your own fish and aquaponics system from local materials no matter where you are. 




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