S-14 fish growing system.

The S-14 Small fish farming and hobby aquaponics system

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The S-14 is a self contained single unit fish growing system specifically designed for educational purposes for schools and for families who want to grow not only fish for their own use, but lots of vegetables in aquaponics as well. No assembly is required. Just plug it in, fill with water and fish, and become a family fish farmer.


Based on many of the features found in our large commercial systems, this compact unit will grow several hundred pounds of fish per year as well as many hundred of pounds of vegetables and other plants through the use of aquaponics. Built entirely out of PVC and poly urethane materials it will last forever without any concerns about corrosion. With a foot print of only 60″ x 41″ it will easily fit in any garage or small greenhouse


Built in features include long lasting submersible recirculation pump, solids filter, bio-filter, thermostat controlled temperature control, oxygenator, degasser to eliminate CO2 and nitrogen and a foam fractionator to help remove the smallest waste particles.



Built in filters, pumps and valves make this system easy to operate and maintain. Routine service and daily maintenance controls are right at your finger tips. One pump provides the circulation through the filters and the aeration Constructed of all PVC and poly urethane materials make it as easy to keep to clean and neat as a piece of furniture.

Easily accessible drains allow for quick adaptation to aquaponics crops production


Add growing trays as you need them

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